Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Business Cards!

Today I recieved my stamp in the mail from love to create stamps, I couldn't have asked for anything better. So once i got home my mom and i headed out to get some ink and ribbon. Only people crazy enough to spend 70.00 on stamp stuff and ribbon. So we got home and got to work.
We spent about 4 hours working on them and only made about 100, but so far so good. Anyone who knows my mom knows that she has been my number one fan/supporter. I couldn't ask for a better mom ever, she's helped me get myself together for the past few months more then anyone could ever know, & I don't think i could thank her enough.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big News !

So Last week I found out i was accepted into the Wedding Photojournalist Association & The Artistic Guild Of The Wedding Photojournalists Association.

I couldn't be more excited or honored to be accepted into such fantastic associations. This is something I have been preparing for, for the past 2 years since I first discovered them.

Also I am working on creating a portrait portfolio on my website! So if anyone is bored this week and would like some portraits of them let me know!

I just wanted to share the great news with everyone!

I'll leave you all with a photo:

Mini Apple Pies

Mario and I decided to make apple pie one fall afternoon. We (he) ended up making these tiny apple pies in tart pans as well as a big pie. They came out fabulous. I found the photos today and decided to re-edit them. So here are a few of my favorites.

Free People

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Judith-Lynn,Madison, Mason

Last weekend I had the privilege of shooting portraits for 3 beautiful children.
I had a great time, and can't wait to shoot more children's portraits!
So here are some of my favorites!